Zetta means an exceptional medical team, with thousands of hours gathered of experience in sophisticated interventions, authors of many specialty writings and studies, contributors to many international congresses, updated with the latest practices, generators of new medical solutions.

The clinic’s latest generation technology is specially selected to ensure the minimum tissue injury and a faster recovery for patients.

Also, for the best possible experience, we chose solutions dedicated to anesthesia, recovery spaces, the whole Zetta environment. The modern, minimalistic design maximizes the quality of the experience.

By what is Zetta Clinic different?

  • 1. In Zetta clinic, common cases and also patients who have uncommonly complex problems can solve their problems in safety, comfort and maximum predictability of the results conditions.
  • 2. Zetta Clinic is the place where there where performed numerous premiers for the private clinics and also for the Romanian Plastic Surgery.
  • 3. In Zetta Clinic only top doctors from each specialty unfold their activity. All collaborating doctors of Zetta Clinic were rigorously selected by dr. Zamfirescu to match criteria like professional competency, responsibility, morality and human empathy. There are a lot of primary doctors with very large experience, at a maximum performance age, at the peak of their professional carrier, like also a new generation of Zetta specialist doctors, who are the valuable peaks of their generation, in most cases formed under the influence of dr. Zamfirescu.
  • 4. Particularly, for the view of the same domain clinics, in Zetta Clinic there is a Multidisciplinary Board, which in addition analyzes all cases that will be operated in the Clinic. This board is composed from plastic coordinator surgeon – dr. Dragos Zamfirescu, anesthetic coordinator doctor – dr. Irina Luca and, in need, the oncologist coordinator doctor – dr. Cornelia Nitipir. This Multidisciplinary Board overanalyzes, besides the currant doctor, the operatory indication and the anesthetic plan, the surgical plan (and the oncologic, when needed), the risks of the operation and of the anesthesia, etc, from the perspective of an eventual operation.
  • 5. The Clinic’s nurses have a special experience in nursing the patients, they are specially selected by dr. Zamfirescu after professional criteria, but also after the empathy with which they take care of the patients. In Zetta Clinic, patients are treated as friends or relatives, with a lot of affection, attention and care, and of course with maximum professionalism.
  • 6. The concept of the clinic and the interior design started from the idea of intimacy, of warmth and minimalist modernity. We consider ourselves a boutique clinic in which patients are surrounded with tenderness, in order to have a stress free, even pleasant, peri-operatory experience.
  • 7. We are probably the only profile clinic that has 3 patients coordinators who try to take over all the non-medical and post-surgical relationship with the patients. Each patient of Zetta Clinic will have a dedicated coordinator who will know all the patient’s medical data and stay at its disposal 24/7.
  • 8. The clinic’s accessories and exceptional.
  • 9. The medical devices and consumables (implants, suture wires, anesthetic substances, all that there is consumed during the surgical interventions and treatments, etc.) are bought from top international leaders from this field. In Zetta Clinic there where never used cheaper materials or substances, uncertified by relevant medical studies, after 5 years of their launch on the market. All these materials and devices offer the maximum guarantees existing in this domain.