What are the reasons for which we call to neck lift?

By aging, skin loses its elasticity and the collagen quantity decreases.

After weight loss

A neck lifting can treat:

  • double chin or under chin sagging skin
  • skin excess in the throat area
  • undefined aspect of the maxillary
  • wrinkles
  • the undefined contours between the neck, maxillary and chin

What do we need to ask the aesthetician before the surgical intervention:

  • if the expectations we have are realistic and the result will be in according to what the patient wishes;
  • risks and possible complications
  • the technique that the surgeon uses in the intervention
  • how long the recovery takes
  • how do you must prepare for the intervention

What procedures can be involved in this intervention?

Neck lift can involve a series of procedures that improve the aspect of the neck area. Procedures can include:

  • removing excess skin
  • the removal or alteration of the neck muscles
  • liposuction to remove excess fat
  • toxina botulinica injections to improve the aspect of the unaesthetic ‘strips’ from the neck


It’s a procedure of restoration and repositioning of the mimic muscle, situated at the neck level. The mimic muscle suffers a cleave in time, because of aging. Its margins fall, because of the gravitation resulting the unaesthetic ‘strips’ on which the skin hangs in an unpleasant way. The role of this intervention is to remove the earlier mentioned strips. This is made by suturing the disconnected muscles, stretching the skin and defining the maxillary. Incisions are not visible, being made under the chin and behind the ears. Sometimes toxina botulinica injections can be made for relaxing the muscles which are responsible for the strip forming.


This procedure is recommended for persons who have a moderate excess skin and fat deposit. It is made a very small incision under the chin, the muscles are realigned, the excess fat tissue is removed so that finally the tissues be properly stretched.


During the liposuction the surgeon will make a small incision under the chin and will remove excess fat. If you will make other procedures, liposuction is usually first to be made. You will be able to establish this with your doctor during the consultation. If this is the only procedure that you have to do, then you will have to expect a duration of estimated 1 hour. The incisions will be closed and bandaged. It is important to assure that you understand and follow the doctor’s instructions to take care of the operated area.


This intervention is recommended to overweight patients and is individually made or associated with other aesthetic intervention types like facial lifting, liposuction or even chin implant. If the Platysmaplasty is optional and its dependent only on the patient’s needs, cervicoplasty is essential because with the help of it the excess skin is removed. The incisions are made either under the chin, either behind the ears.

How the neck lifting intervention flows?

Neck lifting can be made under a surgical intervention, this is why, before exposing to this operation, it is necessary for the patients to be in a good physical and mental health condition. Our surgeons will widely explain to you all these details during the first consultation. Before this meeting it is important to establish which are the areas that you want to improve through operation.

During the consultation, you will discuss your goals and your options with your surgeon.

Turkey goitre: your surgeon can recommend the operation, which involves incisions under the chin or behind the ears or both, to access a neck muscle named platysma. Sometimes this thing involves cutting some muscle segments.

In stead of the operation or complementary, toxina botulinica injections can relax parts of the platysma that are responsible for the ‘stripe’ aspect. These injections can be made in 15 minutes and hospitalisation is not required.

Excess skin: your surgeon will remove skin excess and he will lift the neck skin, fixing it with a special tissue adhesive and sutures. This procedure has a 2 hours until 4 hours duration, depending on the procedures complexity.

Post operatory, you will wear a compressive bandage for at least one week, in case you don’t receive other instructions. For an ideal result there should be an increased attention so that there won’t be weight variations for at least 6 months after the intervention.

How will the scars look like?

Scars are minimal and hidden, most of the times, or less visible, if not almost invisible. There are two situations:

  • In case of platysmaplasty a small incision under the chin is made, likewise a facial lifting incision type, behind every ear
  • In the younger patients case who need a neck lifting with minimal face modifications, the incision can be made only under the chin, either only behind the ears.

How you must prepare for the neck lift intervention?

  • With 2 weeks before the intervention aspirin or drugs that have this substance in their structure are prohibited
  • Usually the operation must be made outside the menstrual period
  • In case of a cold or and infection, the operation must be delayed
  • Do not follow a strict diet before the intervention because it might delay the healing
  • Do not eat and do not drink after midnight before the operation, in case of general anesthesia

How much does the post neck lift recovery take?

Recovery after neck lifting procedure is a long lasting process. Most of the patients return to work after 10 – 14 days after intervention. If you practice sports or if you are an active person, you will have to wait 3 weeks or even more to return to these activities. Assign time for healing to obtain best results concerning the procedure.

What are the risks and what complications can appear in case of neck lift operation?

  • Swelling and bruises few days after the neck lift intervention
  • Sensation of tension or tingling, burnt or stretch
  • Numbness

All these are normal in the first few weeks after intervention and you don’t have to worry. Like in the case of other interventions, infection is possible. Monitor the body temperature. At first fever sign, contact your doctor. If you notice a suppuration in the operated area, immediately contact your doctor.

What is the cost of the neck lift?

The cost of the neck lift varies depending on how much is the area affected and you will establish it with the aesthetician in the consultation.

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