The facial lipofilling is indicated to correct felt or sunk cheeks, deep naso-labial wrinkles and in some cases, the wrinkles between the inferior eyelids and cheeks.

Likewise, lipofilling is one of the common methods of lip augmentation. The necessary fat is obtained with the help of a procedure of limited liposculpture, through one or more 3-5 mm incisions. Normally the fat is extracted from the abdomen or interior thigh, afterwards it is being centrifuged, filtered and washed. The result of the process is a purified fat tissue in liquid state, prepared for injection.

Fat is later on injected where needed. It is uniformly distributed in the area by the injection of a small quantity in the tissues, so that it will be surrounded by healthy tissue. By this technique, it is assured that the transplanted fat remains in contact with the surrounding tissue, that will share oxygen and nutrients with it.

The facial lipofilling procedure has a duration of approximately one hour, depending on the size of the treated surfaces. The anesthesia is locally made, so much for the donating area, but also for the treated one.


Swelling will gradually retreat after three days from intervention. After approximately one week – ten days, patients will feel good enough to retake their normal social life. If bruises that had developed will remain visible for a longer time they can be hidden with the help of make up.

Patients will be programmed for post operatory control after 5 or 7 days from operation, and later on at three weeks. Until the second control. The swelling will be retreated, but the correction might look a little bit exaggerated. Usually surgeons correct more than it is necessary, which means that injecting more fat than is necessary, because 25 – 30% from the fat transplanted cells don’t survive. The final result will be visible after three weeks. The surgeon will then make photos so he can compare with the ones before the operation. A second session can be programmed to correct eventual volume loss.

Possible side effects

Donating area: bruises, swelling, sensibility, until 24h of anesthetic liquid drainage.

Treated area: bruises, swelling (especially the lips if they are treated), sensibility.
It is recommended to use cold compresses in the first hour after the intervention to minimize swelling.


  • Asymmetry
  • Irregularities
  • Overcorrections
  • Infections


Corecţia ridurile şi pliurilor adânci. Corecţia şi tratarea iregularităţilor şi adânciturilor. Creşterea volumului în zonele tratate precum obrajii, pomeţii şi bărbia. Creşterea calităţii pielii din zonele tratate poate fi un efect secundar pozitiv. După resorbirea iniţială a unui procent din grăsimea injectată (între 20 şi 50%) corecţia poate fi considerată permanentă.