Otoplasty can treat:

  • Excessively big ears – a condition called ‘macrotia’
  • Decollated ears, on one side or both, in different grades, if not associated with hear loss
  • Dissatisfaction regarding previous otoplasties, in adults case

This ear operation can be an aesthetic one, but, in fact it is a reconstructing operation and it has a long term impact on the patient’s psychic. A person with big ears, uneven dimensions or oversized can suffer. Children are, often, targeted by situations in which they are bullied because of this defect. Likewise, the otoplasty operation, one of the most asked for, aesthetic service, in Zetta Clinic, improves self esteem, but also the person’s aspect. This intervention, on the other hand, can be regarded as a correction of the previous ones, that didn’t conceive harmonizing the proportion between the ears and the adult’s face.

Otoplasty can be asked for, also, after an accident that affected the ear. After the intervention, the patient will have again ears with natural, harmonious shape, proportional with the face. This operation is a solution also for the congenital defects, like the lack of earlobe, ‘cat ear’, ‘lop ear’ – interior curved ear, exterior curved ears, sharped ear peak, ear as question sign, excessively big or small ears, cryptotia (the upper part of the ear is buried underneath the side of the head).

It is recommended that the otoplasty should be made after the age of 6 years, when the ear cartilages are completely evolved. The intervention lasts maximum 2 hours (made with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation) and it involves an incision on the back of the ear which, through the insertion of some wires, it reshapes the cartilage.

Regarding the price of the intervention, the patients shouldn’t be worried, because this intervention is an accessible one.

Recovery means a medical treatment and wearing a protection bandage, to avoid the area to bleed. The risks of such operation are inexistent and complications are rare and minor. The harmony of a face doesn’t have consequences at Zetta clinic, and the otoplasty operations will always be treated with professionalism and attention.