Fat transfer breast augmentation, with general or local anesthesia is made with:

  • Lipofilling
  • Brava System and lipofilling

Adipose tissue in excess is easy to find all over in the body and can easily be obtained by liposuction, and transplanted afterwards in the treated area. Using the autologous fat tissue (prelevated from the patient) to repair the defects of the soft tissues, is a logical approach, but using this method does not register a constant rate of success amongst the patients.

Lipofilling can be made under local or general anesthesia, depending on the surface of the treated area. You will discuss these options with your surgeon..

Lipofilling can be repeated, if necessary, and it’s normally repeated after three or six months after the first procedure.

Vacuumed adipose tissue transplant is realized in three consecutive phases:

  1. Extracting the adipose tissue from the donating area
  2. Purifying the vacuumed fat through a delicate centrifugation
  3. Re-injecting purified fat through a tridimensional reimplantation technique.