Breast augmentation can be an option for you if:

  • You are healthy
  • You have realistic expectations
  • The breasts are completely developed
  • It bothers the fact that you have small breasts
  • You are unsatisfied of the shape or volume after birth, weight loss or aging
  • Breasts vary as size and shape
  • One or both hadn’t developed normally

Silicone breast implants

With polyurethane surface

Advantages of breast augmentation with silicone implants:

If you are unsatisfied with the size of your breasts, mammary implants can be a solution. Breast augmentation can:

  • Increase the size and projection (profile) of the breasts
  • Ameliorate the balance of the silhouette
  • Improve self image and self confidence

Can breast augmentation have a lift effect?

Breast augmentation does not correct very lowered (ptosis) breasts. If you wish your breasts would look fuller and more lifted, a breast lift will be needed along the implant breast augmentation.The breast lift can be made in the same time or separate than the augmentation one.

Our specialists will recommend you the best option for increasing the size of your breasts. Breast augmentation with breast implants (‘silicones’) is a very individualized intervention and you should do it for yourself, and not fulfill somebody else’s wishes or to look like an ideal image.

The steps of breast augmentation

  1. Anesthesia
    Options include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. The surgeon and anesthesiologist will recommend you the best option
  2. Intervention
    The incisions are made in hidden areas to reduce the visibility of the scars resulted after breast implant. You will discuss with the plastic surgeon what type of incision is it most suitable for the wanted result.

Inciziile pot fi:

  • incizia in santul submamar,
  • incizia transaxilara,
  • incizia periareolara.

Silicone breast implant vs fat injecting: advantages/disadvantages

  • It is necessary that the patient to have the needed fat quantity
  • It is needed a minimum of 3 sessions to be uniformly administered
  • Only a part of this ‘catches’ and because there is a limited injected quantity per session, variable depending on the tissues and body
  • The fat will be absorbed by the body and you can end up having breasts of different sizes

When is better to have the silicone implant operation: before or after birth?

Each patient choses when is best depending on the final wanted purpose. An important aspect is the fact that after birth there is the possibility of needing a breast lift, because of the modifications the breast feeding brings to the breasts.

Incisions depend on the chosen breast implant, its size, the patient’s anatomy and the patient’s and surgeon’s preferences.

  1. Choosing the implants: silicone implants (known as ‘silicones’) or implants with physiological serum?
    The size and shape of the implant are very important, that’s why you have to be sincere and open about your expectations in the discussion with the surgeon. The type and the size of the implant will be determined not only by the volume growth that you desire, but especially by the breast anatomy, the skin elasticity and the shape of the body.

The available breast implants are the saline or silicone ones.

  • The saline implants are filled with physiological serum (sterile salt water). The quantity varies, modifying the shape and firmness of the implant. In case a saline implant cracks, this will collapse and it will be naturally eliminated by the body.
  • The silicone implants are filled with elastic gel. This gives a sensation that is closer to the breast’s natural tissue. If the implant presents cracks, the gel will remain in its capsule or can glide in the implant pocket. A silicone implant won’t deflate. If you chose this type of implant it is recommended periodical consultations, to assure you that your implant is intact. An ultrasound or and MRI can evaluate the state of your implant.
  1. Inserting and placing the implant
    After making the incision, the implant is inserted in a special created pocket:
  • Under the pectoral muscle (submuscular)
  • Directly under the mammary tissue (behind the mammary gland), on the pectoral muscle

The chosen method differs, depending on the type of the implant, its size and your surgeon’s recommendations. The incisions are closed in multiple layers by sutures and adhesive stripes, and in time, the incisions lines will become more visible. The result of breast augmentation (breast size increasing) is immediately visible. In time, the post operatory swelling retreats, and the scars will fade.


Although there are more factors that influence your recovery, most probable you will need a 24-48 hours interval to recover from the operation and a period of few days of reducing the daily activities. It is possible that the post surgical pain and swelling might last few weeks. The physical effort and normal activity can be retake at your surgeon’s recommendation. Meanwhile, the post surgical swelling will diminish, and the scars will fade.

You will receive specific instruction regarding recovery, that will include: post surgical care, medicine for reducing the infection risk and for healing, likewise the post operatory consultations from the plastic surgeon.

Respecting the surgeon’s indications is the key to the success of your operation. It is important that the surgical incisions not be subjected to trauma, friction or movement during your recovery period. Your doctor will give you all the needed indications for the recovery period.

The results of breast augmentation are long lasting, and you will dare to wear certain outfits or bathing suits. Like other women who chose breast augmentation, you will observe an increasing of self trust.

Information regarding risks and complications of breast augmentation

The decision of having a breast augmentation operation is an extremely personal one and you will have to decide if its benefits accomplish your purposes and if the risks of some potential complications are acceptable.

Our surgeons will explain you, in detail, every associated risk of the intervention. You will be asked to sign the agreement form to assure that you understood the procedure you will benefit of and the eventual risks or complications.

Although complication of the breast implant may appear, the health of the breasts will not be affected. Scientific research in this domain, made on independent groups, like the Medicine Institution, hadn’t identified any proved relation between breast implants and autoimmune diseases or other systemic diseases.

Mammary implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime and it might be necessary a later intervention to replace one or both implants.
Pregnancy, weight loss or menopause can influence the aspect of the implanted breasts throughout life.

What is the price of the silicone implant operation?

The prices vary depending on the desired type of implant and of course of the intervention. A lot of patients want also breast lift along the mammary implant or a equalization of those when it is the case. The doctor’s experience matters very much and with him you can establish the ideal size depending on your conformation, if round or anatomical fit you, and many other details.

The risks of a certain procedure involve:

  • Vicious scarring
  • Bleeding (hematoma)
  • Infection
  • Difficulties in plagues healing
  • Nipple or breast sensitivity modification, which can be temporary or permanent
  • Capsular contracture, that represents the formation of a firm and rigid scarring tissue, around the implant
  • The crack or breakage of the implant
  • Cudarea (plierea, plicaturarea) pielii deasupra implantului
  • Risks regarding the anesthesia
  • Edema (accumulation of liquids)
  • Thrombosis (blood clot)
  • Profound venous thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Pain that can persist
  • The necessity of further correcting interventions

Myths about silicone implants, explained by our specialists:

Can I breast feed after the silicone implant operation?

Normally the silicone breast implant normally does not impede, under any way, the breast feeding, with the condition that the intervention should be correctly executed, in a professional way. Therefor, another myth that has to be broken. A fear, that is often met amongst future mothers, who had this operation, is that of a possible silicone infiltration into the maternal milk and, so, of a possible toxicity. Neither do saline solutions, nor the silicone from the mammary prosthesis can’t drain and contaminate the maternal milk. If, by exception, this situation might exist, this wouldn’t hurt the child.

Am I allowed to sunlight exposure after breast augmentation?

Doctors recommend patients not to expose to sunlight in the first month from the intervention. Afterwards, you can sunbathe with moderate exposure, but no solar is recommended. Scars have to be protected and covered, or the contrary they will colorize differently and be more visible.

Can a flight be attended right after having the silicone implant operation?

For sure you can fly right from the first week. It is a myth created by a person whose flight experience problems weren’t breast implant associated. Therefor, there is no danger.

Persons who have silicone implants can develop breast cancer?

Women with breast implants aren’t in any case exposed to a higher risk in developing breast cancer. It is true, on the other hand, that the implant can interfere with discovering a breast cancer during mammography, by masking some tissues that can make the results interpreting harder.

Breast implant operations can be made with laser?

You must know that as any implant operation, this one is also made with the scalpel, there are no breast implants operations that can be made without incisions and no scars.

Do the so called ‘personalized implants’ exist?

It is a myth, there is no such thing. On the other hand, the implants producing companies put at your disposal a large range of dimensions, volumes and implant shapes, so that each woman can find the suitable version for their body and for their wishes.

Can I practice sport after the intervention?

Of course you can! You can, progressively, retake you sports activity in maximum two weeks from the intervention. You can start with running and easy maintenance exercises. Be careful, however, 2-3 months after the intervention, lifting weights that are heavier than 3,5 kg is prohibited or any other activity of such kind, that involves the pectoral muscle and maximum extensions of the arms. After this period you can retake your sportive habits.

Together, with elite doctors, we will help you choose the best silicone implants depending on your physiognomy and wanted result. Follow us to see the latest special offers. For now we don’t have available the rate service.