After breast reconstruction, the results are very variable:

  • A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensibility as the natural one.
  • After the breast reconstruction or mastectomy, the scars form will always be visible.
  • Some surgical techniques will leave scars in the donating areas, usually situated in regions less exposed of the body, like the back, abdomen or thighs.

Improving self image after breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction (after mastectomy or independent from it) is a physical and psychical reward for women who lost one or both breasts because of cancer or other condition. Creating a new breast can significantly improve image and self trust, but also the quality of life. After breast reconstruction, the breast will have a relatively natural aspect, but a reconstructed breast will never have the sensibility of a natural one. When taking the decision for breast reconstruction, documentation is necessary, but also psychical preparation for accepting physical and emotional implications.

Note regarding symmetry: If one breast is affected, he will be reconstructed independently from the other. Plus, lifting interventions can be recommended also for the opposite breast, to improve symmetry and the position of both breasts.