Dr. Adina Margaritescu

Attending Physician in Dermatoveneorology

Dr Adina Margaritescu is Attending Physician in Dermatoveneorology

She graduated the General Medicine Faculty from UMF, in the year 2008, and since 2009 she started her activity as a resident within the Unit I of Dermatology form Colentina Hospital, under Dr Olga Simionescu’s guidance, becoming an Attending Physician in 2013.

During the residency, she obtained certifications in dermocosmetology (chemical peels, PRP, mesotherapy, cosmetic procedures), dermatoscopy and Dermal Lasers, and volunteered as much as within the Dermatology unit, but also at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of CMDTAMP – Bucharest.

She participated to numerous specialty congresses and conferences, she wrote multiple works in specialty publications, but also articles for beauty magazines.

In 2009, she won 1st prize at the ‘Academician St. Gh. Nicolau’, this being dedicated to residents.

Is a member of Romanian Society of Dermatovenereology, of WOSIAM and, since 2014, is part of Zetta team.

She considers that in a competitive world the physical aspect is important for each person and it is not a proof ‘of pure vanity’, beauty being, before the standards imposed by the society, a state of spirit.