Dr. Cristina Goanta

Dr. Cristina Goanta is an attending physician at the ‘St. Panelimon’ Emergency Hospital and Assistant Professor for the Medicine Faculty at UMF Carol Davila.

Likewise, she is involved in a post-doctoral program that studies the effects of the dietetic factors and of aging concerning the superior respiratory tract.

Since 2013, she is a doctor in medical science with the research thesis called ‘Adenosine and sound stress’ under Prof. Leon Zagrean’s guidance.

After graduating the Faculty of Medicine, in 2007, she made her residency at the Bucharest ‘Profesor Dr. Hociota’ Institute of Fonology and ORL Functional Surgery.

She participated in numerous specialty congresses, she published works in medical magazines, indexed in international databases and won, in 2012 and 2013, Excellency Diploma for PhD.

In medical practice, she worked with adults as much as with children, effectuating complex medical procedures, which cover the ORL diseases range, from diagnosis till the surgical solving of the diseases.

She considers that, in the medical process the doctor’s attention, involvement and empathy. This is why, during the treatment, she always maintains a close contact with the patient, following his progresses and permanently assuring herself of the effectiveness of the performed procedures or of the recommended drugs.