Dr. Dan Tanase

Attending Physician in Orthopedics – Traumatology, Head Doctor of the Olympic and Romanian Sportive Committee

Doctor Dan Tanase is an Attending Physician in Orthopedics – Traumatology, having a competence in sportive medicine, being, since 10 years ago, beyond his hospital activity, also in private the Head Doctor of the Olympic and Romanian Sportive Committee.

His vast experience, since 1991, at the Emergency Hospital Floreasca, with over made 8000 interventions – trauma emergencies but also elective orthopedic surgery.

The extremely complex pathology, present at the Floreasca hospital, led to the summation of an important experience, as much as in the management of the orthopedic emergencies (polytrauma, open fractures, complex fractures of the limbs, basin) but also of the cornic surgery (knee and hip prosthesis, ligament injuries, leg pathology, hand pathology etc).

In parallel with the activity at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Dr. Tanase had an intense activity in the sportive medicin, being for 10 years the rugby team’s doctor and later on of COSR participating, as Head Doctor, on over 21 Olympic competitions. So he gathered experience on sportive events trauma.

He has, in his 35 years of experience, numerous national and international, congresses, presentations.

Since 2007, Dr. Tanase started his medical activity, in parallel, in a private service.

Services offered in Zetta Clinic – consultations for the following diseases:

  • Inferior and superior limb traumatology, muscular, tendon, ligament and joint injuries
  • Hip, knee Cornic injuries
  • Leg surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Orthopedic vertebral pathology
  • Soft part injuries
  • Intra-articular infiltrations
  • Effort physiology consultations (anthropometric results analysis, metabolism, aerobic/anaerobic)
  • Prescription for effort sustaining medication