Dr. Emanuel Albu

Dr. Emanuel Albu is a Primary Doctor in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery and Doctor in Medical Science. .

Dr. Albu graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Carol Davila’ in 1996, occupying the 3rd position from 8 for Plastic Surgery at the National Residency Contest, from February 1997. He became a specialist in 2002 and a primary doctor in 2008.

Dr. Albu is also a member of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the Emergency Universitary Hospital, since its establishment in 1998. Starting with the year 2000, he became directly responsible with the reconstruction of the soft parts in traumatic and oncological illnesses of the limbs, enjoying the support and appreciation of Prof. Dr. Mihai Nicolescu, Prof. Dr. Dumitru Stanculescu, Prof. Dr. Radu Radulescu and Prof. Dr. Catalin Carstoiu. This work was the foundation of his doctorate thesis.

In April 2014, Emanuel Albu had the privilege of becoming a scholar of the Minerval Foundation led by Dr. George Serban, being accepted as ‘visiting phisician’ at the Division of Plastic Surgery, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Pennsylvania Hospital and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia.

In October 2014, Dr. Albu published at the Universitary Publishing House ‘Carol Davila’ the ‘Reconstruction of the Inferior Limbs Soft Parts’ monography. The drainage of the neurocutaneous vascular flaps, the infusion of the composite grafts and using continuous negative pression therapy in acute and elective surgery of the soft parts are amongst the last 10 years of the research domains.

Dr. Albu is the coordinator of the ‘Mammary Reconstruction with Endoprothesation Subprogram after Oncological Illnesses’ from the Bucharest Emergency Universitary Hospital.