Dr. Ina Petrescu

Doctor Ina Petrescu is an attending doctor in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, Doctor in Medical Science and Member of Romanian Plastic Surgeons Association.

Her scientific activity includes national research projects and international multicentric clinical studies.

Since 2016 she is main investigator in the Motif international multicentric clinical study and between 2011 – 2012 she was coordinator of Solo international multicentric clinical study, referring to scientific research in the plastic surgery and pharmacology field – the extensive infections treatment, study organized by MedCo, USA.

Between 2008 – 2009 she was subinvestigator during the Targanta clinical study coordinated by Covance, USA.

Between 2008 – 2011 dr. Petrescu was member of two projects of national scientific research: ‘Microfluidic Biochip for the rheological characterization of the non-Newtonian fluids with applications in diagnosis and medical treatment’ (MELANOCHIP) and ‘Micro-electro-mechanical system with applications in the microsurgical reconstruction of the peripheral nerves’(RECONECT).

In 2011 she became a doctor in science of the Medicine and Pharmacy University ‘Carol Davila’ having the ‘Genetic and Microtechnologic study of the cutaneous tumors’ doctorate thesis, in which she elaborated an innovative therapeutic treatment method of the cutaneous melanoma in laboratory animals with the help of nanotechnology.

Dr. Ina Petrescu has over 16 years of experience in the Plastic Surgery domain obtained during the Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery Clinic, from the Bucharest Emergency Universitary Hospital, led by Prof. Dr. Doina Dumitrescu where she performed numerous surgical interventions with high degree of difficulty in emergency and as much as in the breast reconstruction domain or coordinating complex situations as the one from the Colectiv accident case. She has 11 years of activity in the aesthetic surgery private practice.

Her domain of excellence is represented by the Post Cancer Breast Reconstruction, Dr. Ina Petrescu successfully performing most reconstruction interventions from the national program, with the help of different techniques – with mammary implant, with latissimus dorsi flap and mammary implant or with abdominal flap but also interventions of equalizing the healthy breast. Breast surgery also involves breast interventions with aesthetic touch like augmentations, reductions or mastopexies.

Another specialization is silhouette reconstruction after massive weight loss after bariatric surgery, complex surgical interventions in which a complete body lifting is made – circumferential abdominoplasty and arm, thorax, breast, buttocks and thighs lifting.

In the activity area there are included face aesthetic surgical procedures like eyelid plasty, otoplasty, cervicofacial lifting but also non-invasive procedures like toxina botulinica wrinkle correction, hyaluronic acid facial volumizing or PRP rejuvenating technique.

Cutaneous tumors and Melanoma surgery – very various and numerous casuistry in daily practice.

Awards and achievements

  • Inventions brevet no 128557/29.08.2014 granted by the Inventions and Brands State Office for ‘Reagent based on gold nanoparticles, recipe for its preparation and its use for mapping of tumor tissue architecture’ along with the research team from IMT Bucharest, led by Dr. Eng. Marioara Avram.
  • Golden medal at INVENTIKA, Inventions and Innovations Showroom, October 2014, Bucharest
  • Golden medal at Geneva International Invention Showroom, 2014

International professional preparation:

  • 2016, After Postsurgical Massive Weight Loss Body Lifting Surgical Techniques, Do Andarai Federal Hospital, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2016, Post Bariatric Surgery Massive Weight Loss Body Reconstruction Class, Royal College Of Medicine, London
  • 2014, FUE Technique for hair transplant, Superplast EstetikInstanbul Clinic
  • 2013, Specialization Class for Breast Reconstruction post breast cancer, St. Andrew’s Center, Great Britain Broomfield Hospital, under Dr. Vankat Ramakrishnan guidance
  • 2013, Advanced class for hair implant, Paris
  • 2012, BAPRAS Advanced class for breast reconstruction, Manchester, Great Britain
  • 2012, Aesthetic Surgery Class, Dr. Giovanni Botti, Villa Bella, Salo, Italy